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Steve May

Director of Business Development

Steve May is a seasoned executive professional and a vital addition to our team. With a rich background in the pharmaceutical, medical device, and renewable energy sectors, Steve stands out as a multidimensional leader capable of driving transformative change and innovation.

As the former president of a pioneering energy storage company, Steve demonstrated a unique ability to design and market advanced energy solutions for a variety of applications. His collaborative approach with engineering teams, project managers, and contractors has consistently delivered comprehensive and customized energy storage solutions.

Steve's forward-thinking mindset and leadership have been instrumental in creating unique value propositions, significantly enhancing revenue growth and profitability. His commitment to business growth and mission advancement is unwavering.


Renowned for his decentralized leadership and adept project management skills, Steve's profound partner relationships have spurred notable advancements in product development and business management across multiple industries. His extensive experience positions him as an invaluable asset to JMH.


Steve's career is marked by a successful alignment of organizational objectives with the innovative potential of new technologies. His deep understanding of market landscapes and customer needs has enabled him to strategically position products for maximum value. This skill is particularly beneficial for JMH's clients, ensuring strategic management and alignment with organizational goals.


His background also encompasses extensive experience in educating and training diverse stakeholder groups. Steve has developed comprehensive training programs that have bolstered sales teams, enhancing their ability to communicate the value of products and services effectively. This approach has significantly improved sales performance and customer satisfaction.


Furthermore, Steve's educational sessions have shared industry insights, best practices, and the benefits of solutions, fostering long-term relationships based on trust and expertise. His ability to communicate complex concepts with simplicity and precision will be instrumental in guiding JMH's technology partnerships.


Steve's experience in internal education is equally notable, promoting a unified approach towards achieving organizational goals. His expertise in strategic marketing, sales, and education makes him uniquely qualified to lead JMH's marketing and sales efforts, furthering the organization's mission of driving innovation and technology transfer for our clients and our customers. 

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