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William Hamlin

Senior Advisor - Maritime & Transportation Infrastructure
Board Member

William A. Hamlin is a 30 plus year veteran of the maritime, transportation, terminal operations and intermodal industry. Mr. Hamlin is currently the Founding Partner of Gray Wolf Group LLC, a consulting firm that specializes in helping organizations improve performance by focusing on the strengths of the individual and the team.

Most recently Mr. Hamlin was COO at ITS Technologies & Logistics joining in January 2016 and retiring in December 2018. He was responsible for all ITSTL portfolio company operations. In-Terminal Services 43 operating locations in the U.S and 3 in Mexico with approximately 7 Million annual lifts providing lift on/lift off containers and trailers, railcar switching, checkpoint and maintenance & repair services for power equipment, chassis and trailers. ConGlobal Industries 39 locations in the U.S. Mexico and Costa Rica providing container storage capacity of 240,000 teu, Maintenance & Repair, equipment sales and modification and refrigerated container services. America Auto Works 10 locations in the U.S. handling approximately 1.5 million vehicles annually providing loading/unloading, railcar switching and destination terminal services.

Mr. Hamlin also served as Executive Vice President and COO of Horizon Lines. He was responsible for ocean transportation services, inland transportation, terminals, equipment management, Maintenance & Repair, Network management, labor relations, security, safety and order to cash management. Mr. Hamlin joined Horizon Lines in 2011 as VP of Operations. He was a partner at Jamian, McElroy and Hamlin, LLC from 2009 to 2011. JMH specialized in government relations, domestic and international security and transportation consulting services.

From 1999 to 2010 he held various executive positions at Norwegian Cruise Lines including Executive VP of Fleet Operations and Newbuilding, American President Lines as President Americas and VP Operations, Americas. Mr. Hamlin also worked for Sea-Land Service and held various senior positions including VP Global inland and transportation, VP transportation and administration, VP Northeast Operations, Director Americas Operations, Director Quality and General Manager Central America.

Prior to joining Sea-Land in 1986 Mr. Hamlin Lived in Brazil and Saudi Arabia where he served as General Manager.

Mr. Hamlin is a graduate of the University of Maine and has served on the Boards of the Pacific Maritime Association (PMSA), The Pacific Merchant Shipping Association (PMA), The University of Denver Intermodal Transportation Institute and was former chair of the Ocean Carriers Equipment Management Association (OCEMA). Mr. Hamlin is currently the chair of the Intermodal Association of North America (IANA) operations Committee.

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