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Robert Wellner

Senior Advisor - Transportation
Board Member

Bob Wellner is an accomplished Senior Executive and leader with more than 45 years of domestic and international success across transportation, logistics, supply chain management, and maritime industries.

Leveraging extensive experience in management and quality assurance, he has proven to be a valuable corporate expansion, reorganization or diversification. His broad areas of expertise include transportation, multi-modal supply chain management, international business, corporate management and organization, labor relations, mergers, and joint ventures.

Throughout his executive career, Bob has held leadership positions with Liberty Global Logistics, International Marine Carriers, as well as several board and advisory roles to both private and public institutions.

During his career, Bob Wellner has developed extensive managerial experience in marine transportation, global supply chain and logistics. He has been integrally involved with the development and implementation of operational procedures and systems for multi-modal applications as well.

He has also served in a liaison capacity with various international and U.S. government agencies (including the U.S. Departments of Defense and Transportation), equipment charterers, asset and business owners, financiers, manufacturers and suppliers.

Prior to joining Liberty, he was the President and CEO for 22 years of International Marine Carriers, Inc./V. Ships Marine Ltd. which operated 36 vessels with multiple offices across the United States with revenues in excess of $100 million annually .

In 2003, as a founding member, he help establish and joined Liberty Global Logistics LLC (“LGL”), organizing and developing  LGL into an established international multi-modal marine transportation and logistics company.  The company has since grown to an organization with Annual Revenues in the range of $200 + million.  Bob currently serves as the group’s Strategic Advisor. 

Throughout his career, Bob’s demonstrated performance as a leader in the transportation industry proves his ability in various areas of business expertise.

Mr. Wellner was born in New York City. He received his undergraduate degree from Niagara University in 1971 with a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration in Accounting and followed up with a MS in Transportation Management from SUNY Maritime in 1979. He then went on to complete an MBA in Business Management from Hofstra University in 1981.

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