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CAPT Doug Sahrbeck (USN, Ret.)

Senior Advisor - National Security
Board Member

Doug Sahrbeck - Senior business executive and retired Naval Intelligence Officer with broad experience in national security, intelligence, and security planning for federal, state and local governments, and commercial clients including the Department of Defense (DoD), Department of Homeland Security (DHS), Department of Energy (DoE), Federal Air Marshal Service (FAMS), the FBI, various intelligence agencies, and the Port Authority of NY & NJ World Trade Center (WTC) reconstruction effort. 

Led the team that crafted the Master Security Plan for the new World Trade Center complex.  Participated in Value Planning / Engineering teams commissioned by Lower Manhattan Construction Command Center, addressing project management, schedule and technical challenges that confronted reconstruction of the World Trade Center complex. 

Led the Defense Threat Reduction Agency (DTRA) Balanced Survivability Assessment program and provided multidisciplinary engineering, scientific, and intelligence teams which assessed all aspects of mission survivability, vulnerability assessment and remediation, and hard target defeat to a wide range of critical facilities and ports. Technical subject matter areas include: Security, Structural/Electrical Engineering, WMD/CBRNE, Emergency Response, Communications and IT. Conducted Red Teams as appropriate to assess site vulnerabilities.

Provided expertise in techniques to optimize intelligence collection systems, methods, and analysis at both the national level and in support of military and civilian operational organizations.

Captain, U.S. Navy - Intelligence (retired). Served as Current Intelligence Briefing Officer, SECDEF/Joint Chiefs of Staff (J2); Deputy N2, Battle Force Seventh Fleet; Special Assistant for Intelligence, Deputy Chief of Naval Operations (Submarines); Director of HUMINT Operations, Office of Naval Intelligence; Operational Analyst, NCIS; Chief of Staff, Naval Space Command; Commander, Reserve Intelligence Area Washington DC

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