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JMH’s approach makes effective use of Capitol Hill as well as departments and agencies to advance client interests. JMH Group operates in a bipartisan manner, making use of our experience to identify legislative vehicles as well as working with Members of Congress and staff on budget and authorizing committees. In addition to policy and appropriations, JMH has proven adept in utilizing contacts on Capitol Hill to leverage department and agency officials to make prudent introductions that accelerate client's product or service offerings in both the public and private sectors.


BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT: Track Record of Growth

Identifying and successfully securing qualified opportunities is critical to the long-term success of your business. JMH’s business development service offering leverages the collective relationships of the JMH team and JMH extended family to create revenue generating opportunities on behalf of our clients. The JMH team utilizes our strong relationships within industry and government to drive top-down programmatic opportunities. The JMH business development solution serves as an invaluable tool to complement sales and business development executives looking to accelerate top line revenue growth.



JMH provides business leaders with an outside, independent view, leaning on deep industry expertise and market intelligence, in order to launch sensible solutions that have lasting impacts on operations. Working with both small and large companies, we are able to advise on a range of issues from organizational structure to growth strategy.

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